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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  April 24, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> good evening, thanks for joining us tonight for geico sports extra. it's been a busy start to the weekend as we hear from a frustrated bruce boudreau and hit the field for maryland's unannual red and white football game. today, the final day, no shortage of drama for the redskins and who traded jason campbell. he became a backup quarterback after the skins acquired mcnabb and in a trade with the eagles.
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it was clear that redskins executive his lost confidence in him and campbell had an up- and-down career and threw for over 10,000 yards and 55 touchdowns and 38 interceptions and his record as a starter, 20- 32 and he was given permission to pursue a trade once mcnabb was -- mcnabb was brought in and he will move forward with the raiders and that is a move mike shanahan thinks is best for campbell. >> once they made the trade with donovan, i said we will give them every opportunity we think that we can do to help them out. and, obviously, him and his agent looked around and gave us the opportunity to look for different teams. we felt he was in the position to compete and that is what we wanted and spent a lot of time with him. i'm happy for him.
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>> going get the opportunity and -- got a -- got a chance and hopefully he can fight for the starting job and i'm happy for him and had a real good relationship and, you know, i was real close with him and i'm happy for him. >> the redskins began the draft with four picks and walked away with six over the three-daylong draft weekend and used on offensive players, three of whom were offensive linemen. they used their pick on their loan defensive selection, perry riley and played outside linebacker for the tigers and will move inside in the redskins 3-4 scheme and he was a finalist in 2008 compiling to everyone in tackles last season. and here's the rest of the draft story, they traded for four pits -- picks. they got dennis morris from
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louisiana tech and is slated to play h-pack and new mexico center cook and west virginia tackle capers. >> the last three days, we got better as a football team and you will get to meet them in the upcoming weekend. we think we have added to the depth of the football team and the quality. >> at the end of the day, even though we didn't have a lot of draft choices, we thought we had got a lot done through free agency and the draft and a couple of trades here and there. >> it's breaktime and when we come back, why the caps coach is so fired up. plus, the nationals and dodgers need extra innings to settle their score. geico sports extra will be right back. r
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>> the nationals are off to a good start this season. at 9-8 to start the day, the 10th win was within reach. last season, it doesn't come until 28 games into the season and they hosted the dodgers today. bottom of the 8th, the nationals trailing 3-2 and morgan with two outs, delivering the clutch base hit and adam kennedy scored from third and tied the game 3-3 and
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now we move to the top of the 13th and still tied. martin with two outs and with the base hit to center field and takes the funny hop and scores. the dodgers take a 4-3 lead and go to the bottom of the 13th. the nats with the tieing run at 3rd and the grounder to third and blake throws home. the nationals fall to the dodgers, 4-3 and 13 innings, the 10-game home includes tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. >> and the orioles in boston. trailing 3-1 into the seventh and connected on to 3-run homers and the second would prove to be the gamen wither andy that fall to the red sox 7- 6 and baltimore is 2-16 on the season. the capitals had a tough time fleeing home and the last thing they wanted to do was to worry about travelling again. that is what they will do after losing the clenching game 5. the capitols were done in by a
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horrible start and scored two goals and they could muster a second period alex ovechkin goals and they find themselves heading back on monday for game 6 and after last night's setback, bruce boudreau was asked if the team let a gold know opportunity slip away. >> of course, what do you think? we let it slip away and have game 5 in our building and play like crap the first 10 minutes and the game's over. we're not getting 20 guys playing. we're getting 13 and 14 guys and every night, rather than everyone coming to play and tonight we have five or six passengers again. >> ouch. >> >> and on the football field. came close this afternoon at the stadium. the annual red and white game signalled the end of 15 tough games and we're the highlights
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of the scrimmage and to robinson connecting with tory smith on a 25-yard touchdown on the opening drive and to the red team. and bruce campbell drafted by the raiders and quarterback nolan campbell was the fifth round choice of the dolphins. >> and tonight's geico 15- minutes of flame bids farewell and endured a roller coaster ride with the fire -- five-year stay and leaves after compiling the best season of his career and that is 3600 yards and two touchdowns and will get the start. that is tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame. when we return, the party was popping at fed ex field this afternoon for the skins draft party. we'll be right back. 
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introduced trent williams, the passing of the torch as they have the draft pick from last season and welcomes this year's. it was part of the annual draft day party and thousands packed into the field and to get an autograph. williams got a taste of red skins nation and he and some of the type error -- teammates took pictures and mingled with their followers who were impedestrianed with the new pick. >> and that is ama -- amazing. i'm blessed to be here. >> i think it's a good pick and week have went other ways. i think it's good. and -- that is what we needed and that is good. >> you bring in a quarterback like mcnabb, you better have someone protect him. >> exactly. >> and mixing play-offs and do what by can. i'm happy. >> that is all the time we have for tonight's show. we hope you enjoyed it and thank you for letting us be a part of your weekend and see
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you back here same time, same place tomorrow night. good night, everybody. rnnd


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